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unii gigs in EU 2016
Sat 4th June Igualada Spain La Bastida
Thu 9th June Graz Austria WINTERSCHLUSS
Fri 10th June Augsburg Germany Jugendzentrum
Sat 11th June Regensburg Germany kunstvereingraz
Thu 16th June Berlin Germany Keith
Sat 18th June Hannover Germany mUSE Inspirationsweek
Sun 19th June Hamburg Germany Galerie 21 - im Vorwerkstift
Thu 23rd June Amsterdam Netherlands Dokhuis Galerie
Fri 24th June Brussels Belgium with indianredhead
Sat 25th June Frankfurt Germany Phonophon
Tue 28th June Lausanne Switzerland Librairie HumuS

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"Poet from the northern sea" is out (2016)

"full moon"
DVD-R | 41mn |  1,500yen Visual by ieva  Sound by ieva and unii
Pollen Rec

"Long scene before sunset"
Northern Lights

"New world, sea and your eyes"
elegantdisc (2011)

"unii escargot vide? South Asia and Japan Tour Live  dvd"
Self release (2013)

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